Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Profile Picture

Ok so I love my boys. When I got the picture of Noah and the soccer ball I thought I would never need to change my profile picture again.
Well what can I say this new one was just to much.

My New Bag

Ok so I have tweaked my google reader to find me deals. I have wanted a messenger bag for some time now and one finally came up. It is a $100 bag that I got for $24.24 after sale and coupon code. I love it and can’t believe I have gone so long without one.

Is paintball a church calling?

Ok so I had been in my ward for two years or so before getting called into the young men presidency. Once I got my call I went out and got a paintball gun. Not seeing the connection? Well all of our YM and a lot of our adult men are very into paintball. I have done more with paintball in the last few months since I got my call than I have the whole rest of life up to now.
We are having a campout this weekend and paintball is the Saturday activity. The last campout where we played paintball, I had a great time. This time I expect to do a lot better. I have a better gun now and we will be playing in a bigger, more densely wooded area than last time.

Monday I should have some great stories about the paintball. Some from last time would be how one of our YM got hit right in the neck. Below his mask and above his jacket, it was a big orange spot of paint. Much to our surprise he said it didn't hurt at all and left almost no mark. Another would be when I shot this other guy right in the mouth through his mask and he pulled his mask off spitting paint. It was really funny.
Ok don't forget to check back Monday.

More School?!?!

Can you believe it? I can’t. When I graduated with my BA I thought I was done with school. I had no desire to do any more school. Alas I got accepted to Aspen University’s MBA program and start classes in Feb. It will be all online so I won’t have to move and I will be able to work the whole time. Why Aspen you might ask… It was the cheapest I could find. I am in enough debt as it is and knew exactly what I wanted and could afford and Aspen had it.

Now that I am going back to school I’m excited about it. After getting the GE classes out of the way I really enjoyed college and the classes that pertained to what I was interested in. I think an MBA would only be more of the things I like and not those classes that you take because you have too.

So I guess this post will serve as a record of me saying that in two and half years I will have my masters’ degree in business. I hope life is accommodating and that I can balance my time to fit in all the other important things in my life.

Something I have been trying to figure out.

Ok so if you are reading this I'm sorry. I needed to get this out and in writing so that it will leave me alone. Just a quick disclaimer, I can be wrong and don't profess to know any more than anyone else who reads the scriptures.

I'm sure everyone knows or has heard of a person that says they pray about everything and that they get answers to everything. Even Angels have come and told them or they have had visitations to instruct them. Not just for big, major events but for everything. This has always bothered me because it is not how things work in my life and it is not how I picture God would handle it. I think God gave us brains and expects us to use them. After all we are here to prove ourselves not to be spoon fed or carried. "it is only after all we can do." Let me try to explain:
First, to those that say God spoke to them or that God has visited them. In my studies the only thing God has appeared for or said was to introduce his Son, Jesus Christ. That's it. There is no need for anything more and to claim more thean that goes against anything I have ever read in the scriptures.

Second, to those that say angels have come to them or have visitations. From what I have read angels have only a few reasons for appearing to man. One is to rebuke. Remember Laman and Lemuel when they were beating Nephi with a rod. Another reason is to teach or instruct that which cannot be known any other way. Think of Joseph Smith and the angel Moroni. There are others but none of them deal with telling us what we can find out for ourselves or that which we can logically deduce.

I'm not going to get into the Holy Ghost but the point is God is going to let us make our own choices. He teaches us right and wrong and lets us go from there. Unless there is some extenuating circumstances where God needs you to do something that is an exception, you're not going to hear or see anything from heaven. God is up there and knows where you are and what you're thinking and feeling but he is not going to intervene. If any of you reading this are one of those people described above and you think you are getting a visitation to tell you ever little thing you are to do or not do in life, you might want to really think about where your direction is coming from.

Don't forget, we are here for a reason and that is the only thing God is really worried about. It doesn't matter to him what job you have or where you live. Use your brain and make your own decisions. If God needs you to do something specific he will tell you but for the most part he has already given you everything you need to accomplish that which you have come here to do.
If you are thinking of commenting and brining up how we are told to pray before everything we do, don't. That is not what this is about nor is that what is meant by those scriptures.

Thanks for reading and I hope this is enough to give those of you who know people like this enough courage to stand up to them. It is a mockery of God's great wisdom to think He needs to give us a play by play to get us through life. There is a reason for faith and a reason you have a brain. Don't waste it.