Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is paintball a church calling?

Ok so I had been in my ward for two years or so before getting called into the young men presidency. Once I got my call I went out and got a paintball gun. Not seeing the connection? Well all of our YM and a lot of our adult men are very into paintball. I have done more with paintball in the last few months since I got my call than I have the whole rest of life up to now.
We are having a campout this weekend and paintball is the Saturday activity. The last campout where we played paintball, I had a great time. This time I expect to do a lot better. I have a better gun now and we will be playing in a bigger, more densely wooded area than last time.

Monday I should have some great stories about the paintball. Some from last time would be how one of our YM got hit right in the neck. Below his mask and above his jacket, it was a big orange spot of paint. Much to our surprise he said it didn't hurt at all and left almost no mark. Another would be when I shot this other guy right in the mouth through his mask and he pulled his mask off spitting paint. It was really funny.
Ok don't forget to check back Monday.

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jubilant jess Ü said...

I still wanna play but, I don't want to get hit... just run around trying to shoot other people with paint. Think the guys would let me tag along?