Monday, February 9, 2009

Playboy in Braille?

I don’t know how this works but I do know your paying for it. Yep it’s yours, and mine, tax dollars funding the Braille Playboy.

Three cheers for the government!


In 1986, Ogden famously represented Playboy (as well as the American Council for the Blind, the American Library Association and others) when he successfully argued in federal court that the Library of Congress violated the First Amendment when it refused to fund publication of a Braille edition of Playboy magazine. The federal government pays to have many periodicals printed into Braille. Ogden was quoted in the Washington Post at the time hailing the decision as "turning the tide in the censorship battle" and saying that he hoped the printing of Braille editions of Playboy "is not an intolerable burden on the program" but was "the price of violating people's First Amendment rights."

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Mommydew said...

Glad my tax money is going to good use.