Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If These Dinosaurs Are Real, We Don't Want to Be Right


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via Urlesque by Eliot Glazer on 7/14/10

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dinosaur puppet
Whatever town square these lifesize puppet dinosaurs came to life in was undoubtedly left in a pile of stone, ash, and human carcass, right? I mean, the kids, leading the giant dinos on chain leashes, look like they're having a blast despite the furious gaze of these toothy monstrosities, enormous and terrifying down to the pimpled, shadowed scales lining their "skin."

Excuse us, but they're literally, like, hissing and snapping at their "handler," and sure, none of this is real life, but when it comes down to it, the Urlesque Time Machine is already pre-programmed to go nowhere beyond the eighteenth century. Things we want to see: powdered wigs, the first ever bidet, and maybe Don Draper's office, but REAL DINOSAURS? No thank you.


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