Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why your kids should not go to public school

Friday, October 24, 2008

Why your kids should not go to public school
Since I have had kids I have continued to think about their education. I was homeschooled until the 8th grade and Jessica was homeschooled once she got to the 9th grade. There are a lot of pros and cons to homeschooling. The more I read the news the more I know there is no way I am sending my kids to public school. This is the most recent reason: my insignificant opinion public high school is one of the worst places on earth when it comes to trying to live the gospel. I am not going to keep my kids in a bubble but I am also not going to put them into the middle of the ocean and tell them not to get wet.
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Diane said...
Well, Jessie went to 9th grade at Beavercreek High...and then was home for the rest. This was HER desire...and it worked for her. But we were very social and she was involved with others a lot. I am not sure this is the best for most, though. It did work for Jessie, but she had already had ten years of public school. I am really glad the others went to high school, that worked for them...they made friends and learned a lot about being themselves and who they were...even though it was hard.You guys will be good matter what.
October 24, 2008 8:39 PM

Cortney said...
Welcome to the dark side....mwahahahahahaha.Okay, all kidding aside- I'm glad you're making a decision that works for your family.
October 25, 2008 8:48 PM

Queen Karana said...
I respect your right to make this decision for your family.I also think this story is scary.However, this story is not going to change my opinion that public school works for my family and for my kids. I'm not going to put them into the middle of the ocean and tell them not to get wet, but I will give them the best boat I can afford, with some life jackets, and other emergency supplies.I think that public schools may vary a lot depending on where you live. Ironically, the problem that you are talking about isn't necessarily a problem with the school. It's a problem with the kids. Some people may say that it's the schools fault because maybe the sex education isn't enough. I don't consider that the schools fault at all - because while my children WILL get the public school version of sex ed, they are going to get Mom and Dad's version of sex ed too. Which is how I feel it should be.SO... since the problem is with the kids, and it seems to me that most of the problems with public schools is with the kids, I can see how home schooling might seem like the right solution for many people.But another argument that home schoolers face come from people who say "Your kids won't be socialized because they are away from other kids."Then the homeschoolers say, "Oh no! I will take them to other activities. They will do some extra-curriculars at the school. I will join up with other home schoolers."If the problem is with the kids, then meeting up with other home schoolers isn't necessarily going to solve the problems. For example, my first sin that required getting the Bishop involved happened at a church activity, IN the church, ON a Sunday, during a fireside, WITH a Mormon boy. So... I think it is important to know whether the issue you have with public schools is due to the public school system itself, or is it the behavior of the children who attend public schools? The behavior that creates the headlines that is...Just my rambling .02!
October 28, 2008 10:34 AM

My dear friend Karana,

Let me share a little more of the crazy in my head about the things your brought up. Let’s start with the ocean. It doesn’t matter what kind of support and preparations you send your kids out with, if you send them out in the ocean they are more then likely going to get wet. I’m not saying it will be by accident but maybe from the incising of others that get them to jump in. The main point is that if getting wet is bad why would you surround your kids with it?

Now lets move on to the difference between the school and the kids. Maybe I can use an analogy to help illustrate this better. You can say that the internet isn’t bad, just the people using it and you would be right. There is a reason we are told to put our computers in a common area and there is a reason why there are parental blocks. Sending your kids to public school is like setting your home page to You maybe have told them hundreds of times not to look at it and they might not even want to but good luck with that.

“SO... since the problem is with the kids, and it seems to me that most of the problems with public schools is with the kids, I can see how home schooling might seem like the right solution for many people”

That is just rhetorical and I’m not sure if you are proving my point that you shouldn’t send your kids to public school or not.

You next point seems to be about there being a negative to homeschooling. If you really thing that homeschooled kids are some how less sociable or adapt to society you are very miss informed. First off you will find social rejects both in public schools and home schools. Second if you are sending your kids to pubic school for the social aspect then you should really look into what is going on in public schools. I’m not sure you want your kids to think that what goes on in public school is how the real world is.

Also, if you think that sending your kids to public school to fend for themselves and picking other homeschoolers for your kids to associate with is the same then there may not be any help for you. No home school parent is going to see another home school family that is doing drugs, having inappropriate relationships, or any of the numerous things you find in public schools, and invite them to hang out with your kids. No one will argue the impressionability of kids and teenagers. We also know they are under our stewardship. How can you feel that you are being a good steward and expose your kids to the influences at public school in this day and age? As for your church incident I must stress how there are always exceptions. We do not teach or rule by exceptions. It is very clear that no killing is a commandment yet we read about exceptions in the scriptures. Do not thing that because something bad has happened when all precaution were taken that you can throw your cares to the wind. Don’t forget that what is good for me might not be good for you but that doesn’t mean that some things are bad for both of us.

You conclusion as to me figuring out if it is the public school system or the kids in it I don’t think it matters one way or the other. Crap stinks, it doesn’t matter if it is my crap, your crap, or someone else crap. It stinks and you should play with it or you’re going to stink too. For what ever reason is behind the poor situation the pubic schools are in, it is no place for kids that are trying to develop themselves and have gospel standards.

As for the benefits of home school that you have seemed to neglect. Teaching your kids gives them more attention then they would get in a class of 30 students. Teaching your own kids lets your personalize the lessons to fit their learning style and their interests. Your kids can work at a pace and on a schedule that fits them best. Plus you will go the extra mile to help your kids because you are invested in them. Social you kids will do better because they will firmly figure out themselves before having to withstand what everyone else wants them to be. You can try until your blue in the face but you can’t fight the fact that public schools are not helping anyone come closer to Christ and his teachings. Don’t forget why we are here and what charge we have been given.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Adam and Steve

I heard one of the best arguments ever today. I can’t recount the whole thing word for word so I’m going to make it up the best I can to get the points across.

Gay man: I want equal rights

Host man: You tell me one right that I have that you don’t

Gay man: You have the right to get married and I don’t

Host man: I have the right to marry a woman and you have the right to marry a woman. I don’t have the right to marry a man and you don’t have the right to marry a man. Tell me a right that I have that you don’t.

Gay man: Well I want to marry a man

Host man: People in hell want water…..

I think this is a great point that Gay people have the same rights as everyone else, they just choose not to use them.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Indian Red

People these days are looking to be offended. They are waiting for someone or something to happen that they can then blow out of proportion and get up in arms about. It's like people believe it is their right to be offended and look for every opportunity to exercise that right. I should not have to walk on eggshells because your underwear is three sizes to small. Relax and let people be happy, get a since of humor and worry about the more important things in life.

If you want a good laugh at how stupid some people can be read this:

PS. Here is the Crayola link:

I'll warm your planet

Now I am not one to say that the planet isn’t going through a warming trend but I do think it is high and mighty of us to think that we can control it.

Don’t get me wrong I think we need to work reducing our waste and our impact on the world around us. I think we should recycle and preserve the beauties of this world. I think you must be off your rocker to think that you are so powerful that you can control the weather. Don’t under estimate the intelligent design behind the planet we live on. There is a natural deviation of temperatures. The cause and effect of these changes result in a planet reaction and correction. As the planet warms more water enters into the water cycle. More clouds equal less sun which cools the planet freezing water taking it out of the water cycle. Less water means less cloud cover and the planets warms up again. To think that we can stop the natural climate change is absurd.

Pro Life

You know abortion is wrong by the fact that if the doctor screws it up the result if life. I have often thought about how people that are pro choice can argue against this point.

I have read a number of cases where doctors have messed the abortion up and the babies lived. A lot of the time the babies will end up with deformities or brain damage as a result of the attempted abortion. I read about how one daughter who was able to forgive her mom for trying to abort her.

The only argument I have heard is that women should have the right to choose what happens to their bodies. I can agree that women should have a right to choose what happens to their bodies but what about the baby’s rights? The woman made the choice to engage in activities where she risked getting pregnant. I think that was the choice and if she gets pregnant then she has to live with the consequences of her choices. What other consequence of sex can you choose to abort? If you got an STD can you choose to opt out of that? Can you opt out if get HIV?

My rights end where yours begin. If you use your right to choose to act in a way that results in a pregnancy then your rights end and that baby’s rights begin. It is not your right to decide if that baby gets to live or die. Whether you want the baby or not, whether you can afford the baby or not, it doesn’t change the fact that you do not have the right to decide life or death.