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15 People Who Don't Know How to Use a Car Wash (Videos)


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car wash crashIf you've ever gotten your car washed, you'll know that it's one of the easiest things you could ever possibly do. Finding your keys, walking to your car, turning it on -- all of these tasks are exceedingly more difficult than actually getting your car washed. There's nothing complex about stopping a car or putting it in neutral. And yet, for some, it seems that that is in fact too much to ask. But who are theses challenged folks and what does their incompetence look like? Here are 15 exquisite examples.

Just when you think it can't get any worse...

One car goes crashing into another. So what to do you do? Hose it off. That's the sign of a true professional.

At the last minute, she decided she didn't need it cleaned.

Runaway Hose

Runaway Car

What? You've never had the urge to get out of your car and walk around?

I guess the inside was dirty too.

There's nothing sexier than falling on the ground.

I wonder if this driver got a ticket.

Oh, yeah. I'm towing a trailer full of cars.

The car's fine, but the video camera he mounted on top of the car so that he could capture the magic of a car wash on film, not so much.

And...he almost dies.

She mistakes the accelerator for the brake, somehow speeds across a four line highway without killing herself, and the worst part is: She totally freaked out the poor dryer girl.

Hey, I think I'll get out for a minute.

This was no accident, but still...

At least it's brushless.


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