Wednesday, June 23, 2010

iPhone Retro Cassette Cover


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Go back to the future with the fantastic iPhone cover that looks like an old cassette.

This brilliant, retro-tastic, uber realistic Retro Cassette iPhone cover will have you reliving your youth while protecting your handset from bangs, scrapes and dust.

The fantastic silicon cover is designed to look exactly like an old audio cassette, complete with its own case. But instead of making a mix tape of all your favourite, back in the day tunes, this cassette gives complete protection to your iPhone (which probably already contains all your favourite back in the day tunes).

However not only does this perfectly fitting cover keep safe your handset, but the cassette case, when fully opened, also makes a perfect stand for your phone.

It is the perfect gift for the fan of the latest cool, quirky gadget, or for that iPhone owner who wants a memento of his/her youth.



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