Thursday, June 17, 2010

28 Pairs of Weird Shoes


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weird shoesWe need shoes to do pretty much anything outdoors, but the fashion industry has turned them from a necessary, functional item of clothing into a work of... Something entirely different. Some may call it art, but some of these crazy creations are just plain silly. If they can't be worn, at least they're fun to look at. Here are 28 pairs of weird shoes.

Horses everywhere are rolling their eyes.
If you love your CDs to skip constantly, these are perfect.
The spikes on the front look like really gnarly toenails.
Pieces to a Puzzle
Gun Safety Completely Ignored
You can just go barefoot for free.
Lift Weights While You Walk
These seem to be the most practical so far.
All Metal? Ouch!
Shoes of the Future
Our Calculations: Very Uncomfortable
Swimming Made Easy, Walking in Sand Made Impossible
Feet Tied into the Position They're Normally Rendered into by High Heels -- Pretty Clever
Business Casual?
These are uncomfortable just to look at.
Do they make you run really fast?
Finding the Right Size Must Be a Real Drag
Chia Shoes
The Stinky Transformer
Anyone with these had better warn their guests.
These probably don't work the way they look like they should.
So Fly
Bringing Something to the BBQ
Han Cholo
Monopoly Sneakers
Cork Sandals
Bikini Sandals


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