Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Boys will be Boys... or will they?

The meaning of this phrase has changed drastically over the years. If any of you have boys or are boys then you know how important it is to avoid stuff like what was found in THIS public school. Yes I know that your child might happen to run across something like this other places but the peer influence saying that this is acceptable is what you should truly be worried about. You can’t always shield your kids from evil but to put them in a place where evil is said to be good and at a time in their lives in which they are trying to figure out who they are is a mistake. Maybe it’s not necessarily the evil in public schools that you should be worried about but the acceptance and promotion of it.

There is no doubt that your kids will be faced with the choice between good and evil but why make them chose in an environment that is pushing them to the evil? How many of the kids who snickered in this article wouldn’t have if everyone else wasn’t doing it? That I can’t tell you but I can tell you that kids are not inherently bad and so if you don’t let them be influenced by unnecessary evil they are much more likely to make the right choices.

Don’t forget why we are here. We are here to prove ourselves that we will do what God has commanded us. We are not here to be the most popular in school or to let the world teach our kids in the ways of the world. Step up to what you have been given steward over and do not fail inside the walls of your own home. Don’t out source your responsibilities because when the day comes it is still your salvation on the line for the raising of your children, not the public schools.

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