Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who comes in when God is kicked out?

I have a few posts talking about home school is better than public school. So far I have not heard a good reason why public school is better. THIS is only the latest article of many in the news I have read. I pondered a long time on why public schools are in the poor state that they are in. The best explanation I have come up with is that God has been kicked out of schools and so that has left the door wide open for Satan to come in. Satan and his influences make havoc, unchecked by righteous influence because for the most part is has been banned.

Now that Satan has been successful in getting God out of our schools he is working on getting it snuffed out of our country. If public schools are any indication of what happens when God is exiled. Just think what is going to happen to our once great nation, under God.

We have generations of children now reaching adulthood that were raised in a home with one parent, a school without morals, and a society without God. It is these people that will hold school board chairs, political office, and judicial benches.

Pray that you and your family have adequately armored yourselves. Continue to try and teach, protect, and provide for your family. Do what ever it takes, make what ever sacrifice is needed to help your children make it down the straight and narrow path.

Your failure in this will be unmatched by any other shortcoming in your life and your success in this will bring joy and blessings that last an eternity. Make sure you are focusing on that which is MOST important.

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Mommydew said...

Well said. "No other success can compensate for failure in the home.” President David O. McKay