Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lucky Me

Ok so I don’t know how many of you have Gmail accounts but I love mine. Yesterday I saw this little banner that said Gmail now had themes. I thought to myself “sweet!” so I now have the option of picking a theme for my Gmail account. When I got home I was going to change Jessica’s theme and surprise her. Well come to find out only some people got the themes and she was not one of them. I had such a good time showing my theme off to her that I thought I would rub it in a little more to those of you that didn’t get it either. The theme I picked is the weather. It changes with the current weather for my area. Way cool! I’ll post some screen shots to show you, just don’t drool on your keyboard.

1 comment:

jubilant jess Ü said...

as of 2:56 this afternoon, i have themes too! i was so jealous last night... guess which theme i'm gonna pick. xoxo